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   The eye could never tire but view every spot with fresh transport, and wonder for what purpose nature could want to conceal a work so elegant as the oceans’ inhabitants.


Patent No.: US 7,744,355 B2 by, Anthony Costa
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 Patent No.: US 7,744,355 B2 by, Anthony Costa

Now you can bring the ocean into your home or business
  The Power Mag Pump by Sealife Aquariums Corporation, finally with easy to use current changing technology and stability that will outlast all other circulation pumps with no stagnant spots. The closest to natures many different currents that bring oxygen and nutrition in fresh, brackish, and saltwater aquariums. Some forms of water movement in nature include storm surge, rivers, wind driven waves, under current, high and low tides, parallel currents, just to name few. 

More about the importance of currents in nature.

Scientists are now using ultrasound to uncover the secrets behind high zooplankton densities in the ocean, the places where water masses meet is the locale of exchange processes that are very important for marine organisms, and the vertical movement of the water plays a particularly important role. The up current, for example carries nutrients from deep-water areas to the areas of sunlight, where they function as fertilizer for algae at the surface. In turn, these algae feed on zooplankton, which feeds fishes and whales, and is therefore, an important link in the marine food chain.

Corals have evolved to take advantage of the turbulent water that flows through a reef. Corals and other invertebrates (such as sponges and tunicates to name a few) are sessile. Because they are immobile, they rely on water motion that brings particulate and dissolved nutrients to them. It brings oxygenated water, also. Water motion then carries away metabolic by-products. As water motion increases, photosynthesis and calcification rates increase. As a result, corals grow faster. In a reef tank with inadequate water motion, nutrients may not reach sessile animals, and, more importantly can accumulate unwanted waste .

Long felt but unsolved needs, current like nature intended now the Power Mag Pump by Sealife Aquariums Corporation.
1.    Centrifugal flow not centripetal flow no sharp and direct flow.
2.    Used for current not aeration or wave action.
3.    Magnetic attachment.  All Glass thicknesses for permanent attachment.
4.    Ease of use with no bothersome brackets. 
5.    Stability with no failing suction cups.
6.    Increased flow, and wider flow.
7.    Large inlet and outlet for increased consistent flow.
8.    Cost of product very affordable for aquarist.
9.    Interactive design, serviceable and moveable.
10.  Moveable outside aquarium safer for aquarist with threat of poisonous inhabitants. 
11.  Adjustable flow for all types of applications and every interest, including planted aquariums.
12.  Low motor heat.
13.  Small footprint inside aquarium.
14.  Pre- Filter application available.
15.  Applications available for ; Aquarist, public aquariums and zoos, fish farming, outdoor ponds, and hydroponics.
16.  One size fits all home aquarist.  Nano size and commercial application available. 

  Power Mag Pump by Sealife Aquariums Corporation
  Anthony Costa United States Patent No.: US 7,744,355 B2

     I am writing you to offer you a chance to increase your business in submersible circulation pump sales. And to make aquarium enthusiast around the world more content in raising healthy, vibrant and productive inhabitants. With thirty years in the aquarium industry, I have a patented invention your company will be interested in. The Power Mag Pump by Sealife Aquariums Corporation , finally with easy to use current changing technology and stability that increases inhabitants survival and will outlast all other pumps. The closest to natures many different currents in fresh, brackish, and last but not least saltwater aquariums. Please expedite your interest with licensing contract or to purchase the Power Mag Pump.
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Great videos of the great bounty in the oceans and many needs for a closed aquatic environment.
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Power Mag Pump
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