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   Long felt but unsolved needs, current like nature intended now the Power Mag Pump by Sealife Aquariums Corporation.   

This aquarium pump has many advantages over the older style .

1.   Centrifugal flow not centripetal flow no sharp and direct flow.
2.   Used for current not aeration or wave action.
3.   Magnetic attachment. 
4.   Ease of use with no bothersome brackets. 
5.   Stability with no failing suction cups.
6.   Increased flow, and wider flow.
7.   Large inlet and outlet for increased consistent flow.
8.  Cost of product very affordable for aquarist.
9.   Interactive design, serviceable and moveable.
10. Moveable outside aquarium safer for aquarist with threat of poisonous    inhabitants. 
11.  Adjustable flow for all types of applications and every interest, including planted aquariums.
12.  Low motor heat.
13.  Small footprint inside aquarium.
14.  Pre- Filter application available.
15.  Applications available for ; Aquarist, public aquariums and zoos, fish farming,  outdoor ponds, and hydroponics and many more.

  Power Mag Pump by Sealife Aquariums Corporation
  Anthony Costa United States Patent No.: US 7,744,355 B2

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